📣 Announcing the #getinshapechallenge winners!

Our #getinshapechallenge, a collaboration between Actifit & APPICS, has now ended!

Especially in these turbulent times, it’s important to keep your body fit & healthy — and even when gyms are closed, you can still get moving in many other ways!
For 6 weeks we gave users the opportunity to get rewarded with tokens for their activity, staying fit and healthy, and pursuing their fitness resolutions with whatever type of sport — weightlifting, running, martial arts, team sports and more.
It was amazing to see all of the different submissions from users around the world!

Of course, Team APPICS also participated in this challenge — check out this video to see us in action, and watch our introduction clip below:

Statistics about the #GetInShapeChallenge

- 2500 post submissions in total

- 139.619 upvotes on all entry submissions

- 11.000 comments on all entry submissions

- $1220 paid out in rewards

- 155 participants

- 250 videos posted on Actifit & APPICS

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the challenge on both Actifit & APPICS!

Thank you also to the @actifit team for the cooperation, we are looking forward to more interesting challenges together in the future!

… Now it’s time to announce the winners of our challenge!

While everyone who participated was already rewarded with upvotes, AFIT and APX tokens, we have some special token prizes for those users who were able to document the most progress on their fitness journey in the past weeks.

Big congratulations to the following users who win exclusive token prizes:

TOP 5: @zanoni, @rabihfarhat, @btcsam, @runridefly, @apprentice001
Thanks to all winners for your efforts & activity! You have already received your prizes and can find them in your APPICS app wallet and actifit.io wallet .

Stay tuned for our next challenge on APPICS coming this week!

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these turbulent times.
However, right now -where most people are staying at home and have a lot of time on their hands- is the perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to APPICS!

If they are home and spending hours on social media everyday anyway, they might as well get rewarded for their time and creativity! Onboard them by sending them the links below.

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