APPICS for Android will be back for everyone next week!

Dear APPICS Community!

This is the update many of you have been waiting for. Our Android testnet is getting ready for community onboarding! Read this update to know more about the current status of development as well as when the community will be back on the APPICS Android app.

Development Update

Last week, we were able to finalize deployment on the production environment, which was an important milestone. This week we focused on implementing final features, including the ability to retract a vote, notifications, updating transaction history and other smart contract related functionalities.

We also started internally testing, posting, voting etc. on the production environment to make sure everything is ready for when we officially transition from test- to main-net.

Ambassadors Android Testing Update

For the last few weeks, our team of global Ambassadors have been stress-testing the Android app, reporting bugs and helping our developers improve the user experience. Thanks again for testing with us!

Now that all fixes for reported bugs have been implemented, we are getting ready to release the android testnet for everyone in our community.

So when will the APPICS App for Android be released?

We are happy to announce that the Android test-net will be ready for the community to be onboarded next week!

Keep in mind that it is still the test-net and bugs are expected to occur. With your help we will be able to complete the last stage of testing before transitioning from test- to main-net.

Get ready!




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