APPICS Update | Introducing Talented Users | Join the Testnet

What’s new on the APPICS App?

Last year has been an exciting year for APPICS and today, I’d like to share with you what we’ve been up to and show you some of the latest content from our talented users in the APPICS App!

Of course, all Steemians are more than welcome to join our APPICS Family — and since our testnet is currently on STEEM, you can simply login with your steemit username and private posting key!

We already have some of your favorite Steemians posting regularly on appics — for example @exyle, @ezzy, @surfermarly, @ramengirl, @karenmckersie, @shortsegments, @daltono, @intrepidphotos, @waybeyondpadthai, @steemcafe, @cancerdoctorand so many more!

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek into our APPICS App and see some of the latest posts from talented new users!!/v/sirwinchester/ntfi3mus

APPICS is a platform that rewards passion — especially talented artists who share all different types of creativity!

Below, I’ll introduce you to the talented artists featured in the video — they already have a following on mainstream social media, but let’s give them a big welcome on APPICS and make sure to follow them!

Instagram: Jayy Hancock


Jayy Hancock is a young dancer, choreographer and artist from southern california — and actually the grandson of legendary soul artist Barry White

Jay has gained experience on international stages working with Sage the Gemini, French Montana and more. Follow him for some amazing dance videos!

Instagram: Bigwillsimmons


Will Simmons is a young talent from Los Angeles who has worked for Disney, Jason Derulo, and many more! Will is sharing not only his passion for dancing, but also modeling and lifestyle on APPICS!

Instagram: Kiloalexander


Kilo is an experienced photographer based in southern california, who has gained experience in photo shootings with countless celebrities and artists in the area. He loves to share his passion for photography on his APPICS profile!

Instagram: Slunchtothefullest


Slunch is a talented dancer and artist — not only in choreography, but also freestyle! He recently won the HipHop final for “JusteDebout” in South Korea — the biggest dance competition in the entire world!


Alexandra is a traveler — sharing her latest travel adventures and -memories from all around the world on our APPICS App!

Instagram: Mingmiho


Mingmiho shows us the varieties of cosplay outfits and shares her passion for it on APPICS!

Instagram: Theetylerlynch


Tyler is a passionate dancer and artist from southern california, sharing his lifestyle, funny, and unique videos on APPICS!

Instagram: Paulkepinski


Paul is a talented choreographer and dancer from Hamburg, Germany who manages and teaches his own dance group and shares his work and passion on APPICS!

Instagram: kazimtothefullest


Can is a multi-talented dancer, choreographer and artist who lives for his passion: Dancing!

Instagram: Gianluca_stru


Gian is a Cryptopreneur by heart, who shares his lifestyle and travel memories on APPICS!

Instagram: Kingabajackson


Arnold is a multi-media talent. Whether it’s photo shoots with celebrities, imagefilms or music videos!


Nico is a passionate photographer who travels the world to capture stunning landmarks, nature shots, and more!

Instagram: Boyageorge


George is a digital collage artist and illustrator. He creates the most amazing digital collages and has even created multiple APPICS artworks already!

What has the APPICS Team been up to this past year?

Global Tour and Awards — 2018 has been an intense travel year for APPICS!

Apart from conferences, we also traveled the world to build our community of global ambassadors who spread the word about APPICS and share our passion!

Influencer Network

In 2018, we started building our global network of Influencers, and achieved a combined number of 70M+ followers on social media that will potentially become APPICS users in the future!

Speaking of our Influencers: Taking a look at Chris Brown’s latest music video for “Undecided” , it relates to TWO of our APPICS Influencers!

Serayah with CMO Felix and COO Uma!

The female lead role in the music video takes actress Serayah McNeill — best known for her portrayal of Tiana in the hit-TV series “Empire”.

Watch the video for Chris Brown’s “Undecided” featuring Shanice’s Sample as well as Serayah below!

If YOU would like to join the APPICS App as well, please COMMENT BELOW if your are using iOS or Android and I will send you an exclusive invitation!

Since our testnet is currently running on Steem, you’ll be able to login easily with your steemit username and private posting key!

Can’t wait to see you on the platform!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.