📣 APPICS UPDATE | Migration Process & Milestones 2021

5 min readMar 5, 2021

Dear APPICS community, hereby we want to give you an update on the current development status and upcoming milestones.

As many of you are already aware, due to the process of migrating to our new Blockchain, our backend has been compromised, which the performance and thus user experience suffered from. To make sure everything is working smoothly and to speed up the process of launching the updated version of APPICS for iOS and Android, we arrived at the decision that it would be best to put the current APP version in maintenance mode, which it’s in right now.
This state enables us to focus all developers on the new version, instead of trying to sustain the current one.

Before we are ready to migrate completely and release the updated version of the app, there are a few things that need to be accomplished, such as preparing for the token swap and testing, delisting APX on current exchanges, and listing the new Telos based APX token on new exchanges. It’s important to take all measures and properly stop the circulation of the APX token, before enabling the token swap. We want to make sure to go through each step in the right order, to ensure a smooth transition.

Time to get ready for Moon Version 1.0!


Q1: Finalize new registration ✔️

Q1: Finish blockchain development ✔️

Q1: Migration ✔️

Q1: Snapshot

Q2: Token Swap

Q2: Update Release: Moon Version 1.0 (iOS; Android)

Q2: Exchange listing

Q2: Ethereum Blockchain

Q2: Uniswap Listing

Q2: APPICS Launch (Apple / Google Playstore)

Q3: Web version

Q3: New features

Q3: Exchange listing

The roadmap gives you an overview of the different moving parts and our current progress.

Besides finishing the development of our new blockchain and connecting it with our backend, we also finished implementing the new registration process, token swap screens, integrated wallet and bug fixes on Android.

Post-Migration App & New Account Registration Process

The first step after the release of the update will be for every user to register a new account. You will have the option to simply sign-in via Facebook / Google / Apple or create an account with your email.

Next, you verify your account with your phone number, add your birthday and select topics/categories you’re interested in and your APPICS social media account is set-up.

Afterward, you will then be able to create your Telos account wallet and in the next step confirm your Steemit account username & active key (only if you already had an account previously).

You will then be shown your APX account balance of the time when the Snapshot of your APX account balance was taken.

This will enable you to claim your previously held APX tokens — meaning that the exact same amount of APX that you had in your wallet before the migration will then be transferred over to your new account on the new blockchain.

We focused on creating a simple and seamless onboarding experience, where the wallet account creation is part of the registration process. The Telos wallet that is created is free and also includes resources.

This also means that you don’t have to create a Telos wallet right now — it will be integrated inside the new version of the app and every user will be guided through the process.

Additionally, we will keep a “token swap” button under settings, where you can also easily claim your APX tokens at any time.

We are very grateful for our strong community and we’re happy that you enjoyed the Beta of APPICS.

While we are now in maintenance mode, we hope that this update about what’s happening behind-the-scenes keeps you excited about the migration and long-awaited launch of APPICS!

Regarding the APPICS x Actifit #LiveFitChallenge2021:

We are aware that the current maintenance mode affects the challenge because the participants are unable to post on APPICS.
We invite you to still keep creating content for the challenge, and post it on APPICS after the migration — we will reward everyone with an upvote, who participated in the live workouts and posts about it with the hashtag. Alternatively, we are also happy to see your content and proof of participation posted in our Telegram group for bonus points!

Regarding the APPICS Ambassador Awards:

The first season of our Triple-A Awards has finished and we couldn’t be more proud of the dedication and passion of our global ambassadors.

The Triple-A awards and ceremonies will continue after the migration, so stay tuned for that!

And finally: Are you a developer, designer, marketer, content creator?

We are looking for talents to join our team on APPICS’ journey to the moon.


Android Developer(Kotlin)
iOS Developer (Swift)
Backend Developer (Node JS)
Data Analyst
Web developer
Graphic designer
Motion Graphics / Animation
Content creator

If you believe your set of skills (listed above or other) could be helpful in accelerating our journey and continued growth of APPICS, please send us an email: mail@appics.com

Together we are not only strong, but together we are APPICS!


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