Mar 5, 2021

5 min read

📣 APPICS UPDATE | Migration Process & Milestones 2021

Dear APPICS community, hereby we want to give you an update on the current development status and upcoming milestones.

Time to get ready for Moon Version 1.0!


Post-Migration App & New Account Registration Process

This will enable you to claim your previously held APX tokens — meaning that the exact same amount of APX that you had in your wallet before the migration will then be transferred over to your new account on the new blockchain.

We are very grateful for our strong community and we’re happy that you enjoyed the Beta of APPICS.

While we are now in maintenance mode, we hope that this update about what’s happening behind-the-scenes keeps you excited about the migration and long-awaited launch of APPICS!

Regarding the APPICS x Actifit #LiveFitChallenge2021:

Regarding the APPICS Ambassador Awards:

And finally: Are you a developer, designer, marketer, content creator?


Together we are not only strong, but together we are APPICS!


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