Become An Ambassador For Your Local Community!

APPICS is a global movement.

Our aim is to take the concept of APPICS around the world, and introduce as many people as possible to this new way of getting rewarded!

In this post, we will share a little bit more about our APPICS ambassadors - an important part of our ecosystem!

APPICS allows everyone to benefit, but it's an especially important opportunity for artists - for the first time, they can get rewarded online for their creativity and passion.

And we want to support everyone who creates quality content by sharing their creative works!

There are over 2 billion unbanked people in the world.

People without access to any financial services, whether that’s a credit card, bank account, or let a alone a savings/retirement plan.
They only know cash - a payment method that is completely outdated in our current point in time.

Introducing them to appics would mean to enable them to send money anywhere in the world in seconds - and without the hefty fees that other services like western union are charging.

That's why we have created a global movement with APPICS AMBASSADORS, who will be representing and building communities around the world.

APPICS Ambassador Program

To help spread the word about APPICS, we have created our Ambassador program.
Ambassadors will be users who have already established a following or community, and engage with their local audience, organize events, and educate about APPICS.

There will be 200 Ambassador slots available in total, divided by the different countries.

Ambassadors will also receive a delegation to increase their voting weight and help them support their community by voting.
And they will have their own referral programs for APPICS Merchandise!

Ambassadors - field of activity


The most important task of an Ambassador is to engage with their local community!

This means for example creating and managing social media channels in their native language, and organizing local events like meet-ups and workshops.
Educating their community with E-Learning content, like explanation videos about APPICS or blockchain technology, is also an important part too .


Of course, Ambassadors are also content creators!

They will upload their own creative content on and about APPICS — spreading the word about it not only in their local communities but also online.

Apart from that, Ambassadors also have the ability to filter and reward high-quality content due to their delegation and large voting weight


APPICS will have an integrated shop system, which allows brands and selected users to have a clickable feedand gives users the opportunity to spend their earned XAP coins within 2 clicks.

Ambassadors can get in contact with local brands and vendors, and give them the opportunity to sell their unique and locally-sourced products on APPICS!

Also, they will receive an exclusive referral code for APPICS merchandise, so that they can earn from every purchase of APPICS Merch which is being completed through their link!


Ambassadors will also scout mid-range influencers of their local community, and approach those who could be a good fit for APPICS.

This way, the community in each country will grow and expand organically!

Tools & Resources for Ambassadors

To help spread the word about APPICS, our ambassadors will be supported with various resources.

Apart from access to documents and text files about APPICS, they will also be supplied with photo- and video material to promote APPICS.
Additionally, Ambassadors will receive an exclusive package of official Appics Merch! (Coming Soon!)

Would YOU like to become an Ambassador for APPICS ?

If you want to become an active supporter of APPICS within your local community, and you have already established a following or community/movement, please send an email to - explaining where you're from and which skills or ambitions would make you a great ambassador!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.