F.A.Q. about the APPICS Mainnet!

7 min readJan 17, 2022


Dear Community!

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the APPICS mainnet from the community and answered them here.

Read on to learn how you can download the APPICS App, how to create an account and wallet, how to do the tokenswap, how the new wallet functions work and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How can I download the APPICS Mainnet app?
The APPICS App for Android is publicly available on the Google Playstore! You can find it here: https://bit.ly/appicsandroid
The iOS app can be downloaded via Testflight here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/2X3V5HpQ The APPICS app will also be public on the iOS App Store soon, stay tuned!

2Do I have to create a new account? Can I sign-in with my previous (testnet) account?
All users have to create a new APPICS account for the mainnet. You can either choose the username that you had during the testnet or choose a completely new one. It’s not possible to sign-in with your previous testnet account.

3I have created an account but I can’t upvote / I dont have tokens ?
When you create a new APPICS account and try to upvote for the first time, you will likely receive the error message “voting power must be positive to upvote”. This just means that you need to have APX tokens staked in your wallet in order to upvote.
If you were already on the Testnet, then you can perform the in-app token swap and receive your previously earned APX Tokens within the next 3 days. If you are new to APPICS, you can either receive a delegation from a friend, buy APX on Probit, or wait for 30 days until your first rewards have been distributed. Once you have APX staked in your wallet, you will then be able to upvote.

4 Do I lose tokens or earn tokens when upvoting others?
When you upvote other people’s content on APPICS, you don’t lose anything. The rewards that they receive are not deducted from your wallet (they come from the reward pool) — quite the contrary, you actually earn APX when upvoting others!
25% of all post rewards are distributed amongst everyone who upvoted that piece of content. The more APX power you voted with, the larger your share of those 25% curation rewards.

5 How do I save the private key for my new Telos wallet?
When registering for a new APPICS account, you also get a new Telos wallet. Your private keys for this Telos wallet are only shown ONCE upon account creation, they are not saved by APPICS and cannot be restored, so make sure that you SAVE them correctly. You can do this best by saving them in a password manager and saving a back-up on your external hard drive, or printing out a physical back-up and storing it in a safe place.
⚠️ Please do NOT save them as a screenshot, in your “notes” app, in your email, or in any other cloud-based service that can be accessed & hacked through the internet! ⚠️
Losing your private key can result in losing your APX tokens, so make sure to save & back up your keys correctly!
The best way to test if you’ve saved the correct keys is to logout of the APPICS App and log back in again with your key. It’s recommended to do this before requesting the tokenswap!

6 I haven’t saved my Telos private key correctly. What do I do now?
If you don’t have any APX on that wallet yet, we can un-link your Telos wallet from your APPICS account. To do that, please contact our Admins on Telegram. If you already have APX on that wallet and you lost your private key, then unfortunately there is no way to restore it and re-gain acccess to your APX.

7 How can I get my previously earned/bought APX tokens on my new account?
Go to your profile, tap on “…” and then tap on “Tokenswap”. Insert your steem username and private active key, you will be shown your APX balance and can then request the swap. You will receive your APX tokens in your new wallet within 3 days.
If you have trouble with the in-app tokenswap, please try the web version instead:
Website ➡️ https://tokenswap.appics.com/
Website access ➡️ cAwjc1UTPxrk

8 If I am new to APPICS, do I have to participate in the tokenswap and create Steemit account account?
No, you don’t have to create an additional wallet on Steemit. This is only for users who were on the previous APPICS testnet, you can just create your wallet inside the APPICS app and you're good to go.

9 Wallet Functions: What does power up & power down mean?
There are 2 different types of APX in your wallet — staked APX, which make up your voting power, and un-staked (= liquid) APX, which can be transferred.
When a user chooses to purchase APX tokens and use them as voting power on the APPICS plattform or has any un-staked APX in their wallet from the tokenswap, they can choose to “power up” their liquid balance, turning them into APPICS voting power, thus increasing the weight of their vote.
APPICS power (staked APX tokens) cannot be transferred or traded directly, but the account owner has the option to unlock and convert it back to liquid APPICS (APX) tokens in weekly payments through the feature “power down”. As the APPICS power decreases, the account also loses voting power proportionally to the amount of tokens withdrawn.

10 How long is the voting period and how long is the power-down period on the new blockchain?
Content can be voted on for 30 days before rewards get paid out. This gives our users more time to discover and upvote other people’s posts, as well as more time to earn rewards on your own posts!
The power-down period has been reduced to 10 weeks in the new algorithm, meaning that once you start the power down process you will receive the amount that you set to power down in liquid APX tokens within 10 weeks.

11 Wallet Functions: What does delegation mean and how do I delegate?
The “delegation” feature allows users to lend others their voting power. For example: if someone holds APX tokens in their account wallet, but isn’t very active with the account, not sharing content, commenting or upvoting — they could “delegate” their staked / “powered up” APX tokens to another account. The receiving account would be able to vote on content with much more voting power, thus distributing more APX tokens and having more influence over the reward distribution. The receiving account would therefore be able to use the voting power and earn more in return, but would not be able to withdraw or send the delegated tokens. The person on the delegating end can also enter periode and decide when the delegation should be removed and automatically return back to the owner account. You can delegate APX by clicking on the ⚡️ icon in the upper right corner of the wallet screen.

12 Wallet Functions: How do I send APX ?
APX can be sent directly from the integrated wallet to another APPICS user by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the wallet screen, next to the delegation icon.
At the moment it’s only possible to send APX to other APPICS accounts (which have addresses ending in .apx) but we’re currently working on the ability to send APX to any other telos address in the network directly from the app.

13 Is the current APX token price being used inside the APPICS app?
Yes, the APX token price inside the APPICS app is updated regularly from the current APX price on CoinGecko.

14What is the difference between the trending and hot section?
The “hot” section shows posts that received the most comments and upvotes within the last 24hours. The “trending” section represents the most trending posts (according to their monetary value) from the past 7 days.

15Can I already invite my friends and family members to APPICS?
Yes, of course! The Android app is publicly available on the Google Playstore and iOS users can simply download the APPICS app here.

Please make sure to forward this post to any new members or friends/family that have questions about APPICS!

If you have any further questions that were not answered here, feel free to contact our Admins on Telegram.




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