How Blockchain Benefits Purpose-Driven Initiatives

Due to its inherently transparent nature, the blockchain empowers donors to track their donation at any point — adding a crucial layer of trust to the donation process which traditional charities often lack.

When you combine this with the power of social media, you have a totally new way of raising for a good cause.

A charity organization posts on APPICS, announcing that they plan to build a school in a rural part of India.
APPICS users can upvote that post or make a direct fee-less transfer to that account to support the cause. The charity can then receive the funds and convert them to their local currency to build the school, as well as document every step of their process transparently on APPICS. This will allow donors to see how the building process is coming along, as well as empower the charity to raise even more funds for their cause through continued upvotes an donations!

APPICS x KAZA DAO Partnership

In addition to giving users more control and opportunities to be rewarded for sharing their data, the partnership between social dApp APPICS and blockchain-powered charity KAZA DAO enables both companies to promote social impact through aligned values and vision.

First of all, it’s a great opportunity to use social media for good, capturing and sharing impact with like-minded people globally.

So many people are already doing things to help others, but it’s only when we capture and share these stories that we truly realize the power of community — which is actually the reason why blockchain was created in the first place.

Many of us think that there’s too little we can do individually. However, when we see everyone’s individual contribution, we realize the genesis of a movement that is capable of huge impact.

Having lost both of her parents by the time she was a teenager, Alex knows that it takes a village to ensure the survival and wellbeing of the most vulnerable among us. She overcame countless obstacles thanks to the love and kindness of many people on her path. Therefore, Alex considers it not only a blessing but also her duty to pay it forward and impact as many lives as possible.

Ayesha comes from a family of refugees, having had to flee East Africa during the 1970s when Idi Amin persecuted Indians living in Uganda. She knows first hand from the stories of her family members the immense kindness of neighbors which supported her family when they came to the UK with nothing. That’s why she understands that there is an entire journey involved in supporting people who have been displaced by acts of force majeure into being the best they can be. We can help, so we should.



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