How to join the APPICS Launch Event in the Metaverse in 3 easy steps!

It’s free to use and anyone can join — you just need a Laptop / PC and an internet connection, that’s it!

Read on to learn how you can setup your Decentraland account in just 3 easy steps!

How to join the Launch Event

Go to and click on “Get Started”.
Now you can choose to either:
- play as a guest (no wallet required, just click on “continue as guest” on the right side)
- create an account with your wallet (click on “continue with wallet” on the left side and connect your Metamask wallet)

Now that your Decentraland account is ready, you can set your name and customize your Avatar. Choose the facial features, hair color, clothes and accessories that you like, and set your public name.

Simply go to and you will land directly at the location of our APPICS Launch Event. Now you can explore the 3 different floors of the building and connect with other APPICS community members from around the globe!

Decentraland Tips & Shortcuts

Now you can walk around the event location, try out the different emotes, type something in the chat, or directly speak to other decentraland users.

WASD or arrow keys — Move around
V — Third Person View
B — Emotes (B+1 = wave, B+3 = dance, B+5 = clap, etc.)
U — Remove user interface
Spacebar — Jump
Enter — Start chat
TAB — Open full map

We are looking forward to connecting and celebrating with all of you on Sunday! Invite your friends & family to join us and let’s have some fun! 🥳



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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.