iOS Update: Get APX Power inside the App!

Today, we have an exciting update for our iOS community: You can now increase your APPICS power conveniently through the appstore, without even having to leave the APPICS App! 📱

4 min readSep 21, 2022

With this update, we make it possible for anyone to increase their APX power as conveniently as possible — even without any prior knowledge about crypto.

We aim to lower the barrier of entry for mainstream users into the crypto space with APPICS, so this is an important step on that journey! 🚀

Read on to learn what APX power is and why you can earn more when having more APX power, as well as how to install the latest update and use the new feature!

What is APX power❓

On the APPICS app, you get rewarded in form of “APX” tokens, which is the native currency of the platform. The act of “powering up” your tokens, means that you stake them inside your wallet and now your APX tokens count as your “voting power”. The more APX you accumulate and stake aka. “power up”, the higher the weight of your vote, which gives you more power and influence over the overall reward distribution.

The APPICS platform has a set pool of tokens and users by voting on content decide on the distribution of these tokens. The more APX power you have, the more rewards you can assign to posts — whether they’re other people’s posts or your own! 💸

Why is having more APX power beneficial❓

The more APX power you have in your wallet, the more APX rewards you earn! And why is that?

1️⃣ If you have more APX power, you can also distribute more rewards with every upvote. So that means you can upvote your own posts and therefore earn more rewards!

2️⃣ And the more rewards you have on your post, the more visibility it gets on the “trending” and “hot” pages, therefore increasing your reach and the probability that other users will see & upvote your post, therefore generating even more rewards

3️⃣ With more APX power, even upvoting other people’s posts is beneficial because 25% of the rewards on each post get distributed among the voters!

How can you get more APX power❓

1️⃣ By being active on the APPICS App: through posting, upvoting and commenting on content, you earn more APX tokens — part of which will be automatically added to your APX power!

2️⃣ Instead of slowly earning more APX over time, you can also buy APX power on OR through the new in-app purchases to drastically speed up your progression, boost your earnings and influence!

How to install the latest update❓

Simply go to the Appstore, type in APPICS, and click on the blue UPDATE button next to it to download the latest version of the app.

How can I get APX power inside the app with the new update❓

🔸 Navigate to your in-app wallet either by tapping on the two squares in the bottom right-hand corner of the home feed, or by tapping on the $ amount in your profile
🔸 Tap on the button that says “INCREASE POWER”
🔸 Either choose one of the packages provided or adjust the slider to purchase a custom amount of power!
🔸 Confirm the transaction through the appstore, complete the payment and that’s it!
🔸 Your APX power will be credited to your account automatically and will be un-delegated after 30 days

⚠️ Please note that with this purchase you are not buying APX tokens, but lending staked APX tokens (delegation) for the ability to increase the weight and earnings through the action of voting on content within the APPICS app. So basically you are lending APX power for a period of 30 days.

Join our weekly #PowerUp challenges and win up to 1 million APX power!

Another way to increase your APX power is to participate in our challenges! In our current #PowerUp campaign we have a weekly prize pool of 500.000 APX power with a new theme + challenge — and the grand prize is 1 million APX power! 💸

This week’s theme is #PowerUpYourGame. 🎮

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