Join our Metaverse Party with Live Music!

3 min readJul 29, 2022


We are joining forces with the blockchain-based music platform Emanate this weekend to host a Metaverse event — stop by to virtually connect with others, have fun on the dancefloor, and listen to some live music by web3 artists!

Read on to learn how you can easily join the party (all you need is a device with internet — no wallet or laptop required!), what you can expect at the event, and how you can win an exclusive APPICS X emanate wearable!

🕺 Our Metaverse party will take place this weekend, saturday or sunday depending on where you live:

⏰ Saturday, July 30 — 22:00 UTC / 18:00 EDT

⏰ Sunday July 31st- 0:00 CEST / 06:00 PHST

There are two ways to join the party:

1) Jump in as a guest

You don’t even need to register an account!
Just click here to go directly to the event location. No laptop/PC required, a tablet or even smartphone will work as well.

2) Login with your existing wallet

This is the only way you’ll be able to collect NFT wearables, customize your avatar or win exciting prizes!

If you choose to login with your wallet, just go to and click on the “Sign in” button in the top right corner. You can choose between Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, or social media channels — just login to your account and then click here to get to the event location.

What to do when you’re at the event

Once you get to the location you can walk around to explore the venue, connect with other users, listen to the live music, dance, and more!

If you get to the party but can’t hear any music, click the big screen above the stage to initialize the audio.

There are several floors which include a hangout area, an NFT gallery, and the dancefloor at the very top. There will also be large screens where you can watch the performances of Emanate and APPICS artists!

Make sure to take a screenshot of yourself at the event location so that you can participate in our upcoming challenge and potentially win APX!

Win an exclusive APPICS X emanate wearable!

In preparation for the event, we want you guys to start setting up your voxels account and show us your new avatar for a chance to win 50.000 APX delegation 🚀

Here’s what you need to do:
🔸 Go to
🔸 Sign in with your existing wallet like Metamask, Coinbase or WalletConnect
🔸 Choose your display name for free
🔸 Go to profile and then edit your Avatar
🔸 Post a picture of your avatar on APPICS with the hashtag #myvoxelsavatar

🎁 Prizes:
🔸 Exclusive APPICS wearable for the voxels metaverse for 3 winners!
🔸 50.000 APX delegation (for 1 month) for 3 winners!
🔸 The winners will be picked randomly and announced 1 day before the event, July 29!

Good luck to all participants and we’re looking forward to meeting you in the Metaverse on Saturday! 🎈




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