Merry Christmas & APPICS Main-net Announcement!

6 min readDec 24, 2021


Dear APPICS Family!

The APPICS team wishes you a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays with your loved ones! May you eat good food, dance, sing and receive all the presents you wished for this year. But what would Christmas be without APPICS giving you the gift you all have been waiting for ?! 🎁

📣 We are excited to finally be able to announce that we are now fully live on the main-net!🌟

🔸 For all ANDROID users: You can now go update your APPICS app to the latest main-net version 2.0.11 directly inside the Google Playstore!

If you don’t find the latest APP version, you can also delete your previous APPICS app and download the new APK through this link:

🔸 For all iOS users: The APPICS app has been sent off for Apple to review, but since this can take a while, we have, in the meantime, added everyone who has been part of the test-net to the latest main-net build. Please check your Testflight and click on “Update” to install the APPICS main-net version 1.21.3

⚠️ Note that the rollout happens gradually and it could take a few hours for the updated version to reach your device.

📣 STEEM-based APX to Telos-based APX TOKENSWAP is LIVE!

With the announcement of the APPICS main-net, we are also happy to announce that you are now able to swap your Steem-based APX tokens, which you previously earned on APPICS to Telos-based APX tokens.

These Telos-based APX can now be used in the main-net to stake in your integrated wallet and earn APX rewards for upvoting content.


After you’ve downloaded the main-net version of APPICS, you will be asked to create a new account using Google, FB, Apple or APPICS. You will not be able to login with your previous credentials! Be aware that you are now creating an account on the main-net, which means you can choose a new username that maybe previously wasn’t available, use a new sign-in method and use a new password if you use the “Create Account” method.

Once you are registered and inside the app, you will notice that everytime you want to take an action like clicking on the camera icon or trying to upvote, you will be asked to “Create Telos Wallet” (or login with Telos account). At the moment, it is not possible to connect an existing Telos wallet, so please create a new Telos wallet.

After you have created your account and Telos wallet, you will be able to participate in the tokenswap, for which you will be asked to enter your previous APPICS credentials (your username and steem active key). If you’ve correctly entered your credentials, you should be able to see the amount of APX you previously had in your wallet and then confirm the tokenswap. If you accidentally click away the pop-up, you can also choose to enter the tokenswap later. Simply navigate to your profile, then click on the 3 dots (menu), click on “TOKENSWAP” and follow the instructions.

⚠️ Please note that the tokenswap needs to be confirmed manually, which is why the processing of your APX tokens can take 24–48 hours!


In order to participate in the APPICS reward-system, it is required for users to have a Telos wallet. The wallet that you create during the registration process is directly connected to your Appics account and cannot be unlinked at a later stage. Make sure that you store your wallet keys safely (e.g using a password management tool like 1password)!

⚠️ If you accidentally didn’t create a backup of your wallet keys, please create a new APPICS account! Since APPICS does not store your keys, there is no way for us to help you restore them.

Also, since we are now on the main-net, make sure that you use your voting power wisely and upvote with less than 50% at first, to get a feeling for the weight of your vote.

Lastly, if you are inviting friends to APPICS who haven’t previously used the app, please send them an initial delegation, so that they can start voting and get the full app experience without having to wait for their posting rewards to come in.

In the next few days, we will provide more details and guidance on specific parts of the APP, including the tokenswap. Also, if you are not sure about a certain process, you can message one of our APPICS admins on Telegram:

📣 TOKENSWAP — ERROR For Blocked Accounts

⚠️ If you receive the error message “Something went wrong with getting your APX. Please try again later” while going through the tokenswap, this means that the balance of your account has changed since the snapshot was taken.

The snapshot we previously announced was supposed to be there to tell us the amount of APX tokens a user has and let us confirm the tokenswap. However, since some people found a way to move their tokens, the snapshot wasn’t reliable anymore and we had to block all users that had a change in their balance after the snapshot was taken, to ensure that no double-spending happens. We hope you understand that this was an important security measure we had to take. In the meantime until you can swap your tokens, we’re happy to delegate you some tokens, so that you can continue being active on Appics.

📣 TOKENSWAP — Important Notice!

For our early users, who were part of the APPICS Beta when the APX token was named XAP, you had the opportunity to swap your tokens from 2018–2020. Our old smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain is no longer active, which is why we gave everyone the chance to swap their tokens for 2 years, where usually only 1 year is granted. The tokenswap from XAP to APX is now over! Please note that the current tokenswap inside the app and web version only applies to the Steem to Telos APX tokenswap and will be open for 6 months!

⚠️ The Steem-based APX to Telos-based APX Tokenswap will be open until the 24th of June, 2022 and will be permanently closed on the 25th of June, 2022.


Keep in mind that even though we are now on the main-net, bugs are expected to occur and we hope that with your help we can continue working towards a robust version that will allow us to onboard the masses in the coming year.

In order to test everything, we need your help to report bugs!

When you encounter any bug or crash, please report them using our Bug Report Form:

Thank you everyone who has been part of our APPICS family throughout the test-net and is now ready for the main-net! 🚀

We are sending you our virtual love & celebration ❤️

Merry APX-Mas (Eve)




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