Michael Saylor Interview & Giveaway for 50 virtual crypto conference tickets!

🎥 Watch the video to learn more about Michael’s opinion on the future of crypto and web 3.0:

Blockchance Conference

⏰ Here are the exact time slots for Uma’s and Michael Saylor’s talks:

  • Michael Saylor: Dec 2nd, 1:00 PM UTC
  • Uma Hagenguth, APPICS: Dec 3rd, 10.30 AM UTC


The conference takes place december 2–4 and we are giving away 50 virtual 3-day tickets worth 80€ each for our global community! 🎁

➡️ How can you participate in the #giveaway ❓

The first 50 users who share the youtube link on their social media and tag us will receive a virtual 3-day-ticket for the BLOCKCHANCE conference.



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