Michael Saylor Interview & Giveaway for 50 virtual crypto conference tickets!

Recently, APPICS Co-Founder Uma had the chance to interview Michael Saylor, the CEO and Founder of Microstrategy, a business intelligence platform and one of the largest institutional investors in Bitcoin.

In the interview, Michael Saylor shared his opinion about #blockchain, bitcoin, the metaverse, Web 3.0, and how they could be made more accessible.

Blockchance Conference

📆 This week, both Uma and Michael Saylor will be speaking at BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE, Germany’s leading blockchain conference that centers around topics like Blockchain, Digital Assets, DeFi and Green Technology.

  • Michael Saylor: Dec 2nd, 1:00 PM UTC
  • Uma Hagenguth, APPICS: Dec 3rd, 10.30 AM UTC

🎧 Tune in if you want to learn more!


Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to 120 world-class speakers like Michael Saylor, Joseph Lubin and Raoul Pal and meet the attendees and exhibitors in cyberspace. 🌐

Simply like & share the YouTube video on your social media and tag APPICS!

Best of Luck 🍀 to all participants!

🤫 Stay tuned for the next medium post, in which we will share more about the tokenswap!



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