New Android Update: APX/USD Switch & Extended wallet functions

3 min readApr 16, 2022


Dear APPICS community!

In addition to yesterday’s ios App Update, we also have a new Update for Android that was released to the Google Playstore.

Read on to learn more about what this update includes, how you can now show any post value in APX, how you can transfer APX to any external wallet address outside of the APPICS App and more!

What’s included in the new Android Update 2.0.19 ?

  • Added switch between APX and USD for the value of posts and comments
  • Added the possibility to send APX to any external Telos wallet address
  • Revamped the wallet: Separated the transactions from the rewards and added the ability to see and cancel down a delegation
  • Added ability to mark all notifications as read
  • Improved the error handling with simpler and more clear error messages
  • Improved the localization across the whole app
  • Improved the speed of voting for a post
  • Fixed various bugs in the playback of videos, voting, and navigation
  • Fixed comments that were not loading fully
  • Fixed problems with duplicate content at the feed and the discovery section

How can you install the new Android Update?

Simply download APPICS from the Google Playstore and update to the latest app version from there!

APX/USD Switch

Many in our community suggested showing the value of posts not only in USD but also in APX, so we have included it in today’s Update!

There are two ways in which you can switch between APX and USD value:

1.) Permanently (for all posts)

  • Open your settings (Go to your profile and tap on the three dots to open the settings)
  • Tap on “show value of posts in….” to switch between USD and APX

2.) For a specific post

  • In the bottom right corner of each post on APPICS, you can see the value in USD or APX
  • Tap on the value to instantly switch between the display of USD or APX.

Extended wallet functions

Improved history

You can now switch between showing only transactions or only rewards received in your wallet history.

External transfers

Users can now transfer APX to any telos wallet address, not just other users on APPICS as it was before.

To do that, simply go to your in-app wallet and click on the “send” icon in the upper right corner.
Now instead of typing in an APPICS username and choosing it from the drop-down menu, just type or paste any telos address.
Then insert a memo (which is extremely important when sending APX to an exchange!) and click on “send” at the bottom.

⚠️ Attention! Make sure to enter a valid address. Entering anything else that is not a valid telos address will result in the loss of your APX tokens!

Enjoy these new updates and have a wonderful easter weekend! 🐣

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