New iOS Update: Extended wallet functions

Today we have the exciting iOS Update 1.21.4 (4) to share, which extends the functionality of your in-app wallet. 📱

To install the update, simply find the APPICS App in the Appstore and download the latest update from there.

Transfers to external wallets

With this update, users can now transfer APX to any telos wallet address, not just other users on APPICS as it was before.

To do that, simply go to your in-app wallet and click on the “send” icon in the upper right corner.
Now instead of typing in an APPICS username and choosing it from the drop-down menu, just type or paste any telos address.
Then insert a memo (which is extremely important when sending APX to an exchange!) and click on “send” at the bottom.

⚠️ Attention! Make sure to enter a valid address. Entering anything else that is not a valid telos address will result in the loss of your APX tokens!

Transforming your iOS keys

⚠️This only applies to early iOS users who created their wallet before March 2022.

With your current APPICS keys on iOS, you can do everything on the APPICS app, as well as transferring to an external address.
But with the transformed keys, you will also be able to add your APPICS wallet to any other wallet application like Anchor or Wombat if you choose to manage your APX there.

When you go through the key transformation process, you will receive an additional WIF key for your wallet.

This means that you will have 2 keys from now on. The original one can still be used to login to APPICS, but only the new WIF key can be used to log in to external wallet applications as well.

  • Go to your app settings (Visit your profile and tap on the 3 dots)
  • If your profile is applicable for the key transformation, you will find a new button in the settings called “🔑 Telos Key”.
  • Tap on it and you will be guided through the process of generating your new WIF key.

⚠️ Attention! Your new key will only be shown ONCE, so make sure to SAVE it! As always, private keys are not saved by APPICS and CANNOT be restored.

Please report any bug/crash you encounter in this form, including your device info and a screen recording.
The more bugs are reported in detail, the more you help our developers to improve the app! 🤝

To stay connected or ask any questions about APPICS, join our community on Telegram and Discord!



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