NFTs Get Social — Build Your NFT Community On APPICS

Partnership: APPICS x Minty Score

When promoting your own NFT drop you want to build a community on social media first, and when you are an NFT investor/collector you want to display your portfolio and connect with likeminded people to chat about NFTs.

creating a platform where NFT creators and collectors can come together to display, advertise, and chat about NFTs.

Minty is an NFT ranking platform that aggregates the popular NFTs from all over the world, making you always keep up with trending NFTs and discover the next potential NFT. Every month over millions of users through MintyScore to discover potential NFT Collections on Minty.

Benefits of this parternship

Before selling your own NFTs, it’s crucial to build a community on social media to ensure a successful drop.
APPICS already has a global community of crypto- and NFT enthusiasts which could turn into potential customers for your NFT drop if you engage with them.

Furthermore, APPICS empowers you to monetize your social media activities — which is not possible on other, centralized social networks.
NFT projects are very active on social media anyway to promote their drop, but APPICS now enables you to get rewarded for every post and receive something in return for building your network and entertaining it.

NFT collectors and APPICS users can now rate their favorite NFTs on Minty or discover new & trending projects there.

Afterwards, you can then share your findings & ratings on APPICS and find likeminded users in the NFT category to discuss your findings, upcoming NFT drops and more!

“Through APPICS we could share NFT information with everyone who is interested in NFT, and communicate with other Brands and Influencers in different fields.”, shares Davin from the Minty team. “It’s a great pleasure to be part of the APPICS community for Minty.”



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