Power Up Your Game 🎮

3 min readSep 13, 2022

The 5th challenge of our #PowerUp series begins today!
This week’s theme is #PowerUpYourGame.

Did you know that you can earn cryptocurrency simply by playing games ? This concept is called play-to-earn and has taken the crypto industry by storm! 🚀

Read on to learn how you can participate in this week’s challenge, benefit from it in three ways, and win up to 1 million APX power by playing your favorite blockchain-based games!

👉 This is how you can join the challenge:

🔸 Post a screenshot or screenrecording playing your favorite blockchain-based game on APPICS!

🔸 You can discover crypto/NFT games on websites like Dappradar, Qudo, womplay or GameFi.org

🔸 Make sure to use the hashtags #PowerUpYourGame AND #PowerUp for your APPICS post!

1 challenge, 3 ways to earn! 💸

In this challenge, you can get rewarded with crypto in THREE ways:

  • Playing your favorite crypto game and earning from that 🕹
  • Posting about it on APPICS and earning APX for your post 📱
  • Participating in the #PowerUpYourGame Challenge for a chance at winning our APX power prizes! 🤑

🏆 Challenge structure & Prizes

Every Tuesday, there will be a new challenge with a new theme.
3 winners will be picked every Monday and receive the following prizes:

🥇1st place — 300k APX delegation for 30 days

🥈 2nd place — 200k APX delegation for 30 days

🥉 3rd place — 100k APX delegation for 30 days

You can enter the challenge multiple times, but each entry should showcase one game. So use this week to explore some new crypto games and post about your favorites!


Every post with the hashtag #powerup will be entered into our grand prize lottery!

When the campaign has ended, we will draw one random winner from the lottery who will receive 1 MILLION APX delegation for 90 DAYS! 🤩

Bonus Challenge! 🤫

For this week's theme “Power Up Your Game”, there will be an additional BONUS challenge that starts this Thursday and ends on September 23! 🥳

Stay for the challenge announcement in an exciting Twitter Spaces on Thursday — this will be an extra opportunity to win APX power AND liquid $TLOS tokens! 💰

Good luck to all participants! 🍀

We’re looking forward to discovering all of your favorite blockchain-based games!




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