Power Up Your Impact 🕊

Welcome to the second challenge of our #PowerUp series!

This week is all about IMPACT. How can you do something good for someone else this week and impact their life in a positive way?

Read on to learn more about the new #PowerUpYourImpact challenge, prizes, and how you can participate! ⬇️

👉 This is how you can join the challenge:

🔸 Here are a few examples of what this could look like:

  • Give a homeless person food,
  • Help out a stranger on the street
  • Help your friends/family members in need
  • Pay for the person behind you in a line
  • Rescue or feed wild animals
  • Pick up trash in nature
  • Help out at a local charity shelter or nonprofit organization
  • Make a donation to an impact organization of your choice — for example donate crypto to the giving block.

🔸 Make sure to tell us the story of your good deed — take a video or explain it in the caption! The more in-depth or creative you get, the higher your chances to win!

🔸 Use the hashtags #PowerUpYourImpact AND #PowerUp when posting on APPICS to participate both in this challenge and also enter into our grand prize lottery!

🏆 Challenge structure & Prizes

🥇1st place — 300k APX delegation for 30 days

🥈 2nd place — 200k APX delegation for 30 days

🥉 3rd place — 100k APX delegation for 30 days


When the campaign has ended after 8 weeks, we will draw one random winner from the lottery who will receive 1 MILLION APX delegation for 90 DAYS! 🤩

Good luck to all participants 🍀



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