Power Up Your Influence ⭐️

3 min readSep 28, 2022

Welcome to the next challenge in our #PowerUp series! This week is all about influence.

Social Media “Influencers” have become a global phenomenon and a dream job for many: According to a Bloomberg study, 98% of middle- and high school students would like to become a social media influencer!

But with influence also comes responsibility.

While some influencers promote causes for their own gain, others like our team member Darin Olien use their reach to raise awareness for charitable causes and influence others to have a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

If you were an influencer with millions of followers, what would you post about? What would you raise awareness for and how would you like to positively influence people? It’s time to get creative!

👉 This is how you can join the challenge:

There are THREE different ways to participate — we will pick winners from each:

🔸 Write a post on APPICS with the hashtag #PowerUpYourInfluence describing how you would like to positively influence people and what topics you would raise awareness for if you were an influencer!

🔸 Buy APX power through the in-app purchases feature on iOS and receive DOUBLE the amount of APX power!
🔸 Buy APX power through our website power.appics.com and receive DOUBLE the amount of APX power!

🏆 Challenge structure & Prizes

Every Tuesday, there will be a new challenge with a new theme.
3 winners will be picked every Monday and receive the following prizes:

🥇1st place — 300k APX delegation for 30 days

🥈 2nd place — 200k APX delegation for 30 days

🥉 3rd place — 100k APX delegation for 30 days

Double up on APX power this week!

Every purchase of APX power from today until October 4, 2022 will receive DOUBLE the amount of delegation!
Here’s what that means for each of the packages:
- Buy a package for €9,99 and receive 36,000 APX power (instead of 18,000!)
- Buy a package for €29,99 and receive 108,000 APX power (instead of 54,000!)
- Buy a package for €99,99 and receive 324,000 APX power (instead of 162,000!)
⚠️ Disregard the amount of APX power displayed for the package on the website — these are the correct amounts that you will receive after your purchase!

What do I get when I buy an APX power package ❓

When you buy one of our power packages through the website or through in-app purchases, you are buying a delegation of APX tokens for 30 days. This means that you are lending staked APX tokens for the ability to increase the weight and earnings through the action of voting on content within the APPICS app.

How can I buy APX power inside the app with the new update❓

🔸 Navigate to your in-app wallet either by tapping on the two squares in the bottom right-hand corner of the home feed, or by tapping on the $ amount in your profile
🔸 Tap on the button that says “INCREASE POWER”
🔸 Either choose one of the packages provided or adjust the slider to purchase a custom amount of power!
🔸 Confirm the transaction through the appstore, complete the payment and that’s it!
🔸 Your APX power will be credited to your account automatically and will be un-delegated after 30 days

Good luck to all participants! 🍀

We’re looking forward to reading about your thoughts on influencers and how YOU would influence others this week!




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