Power Up Your Investment ⚡️💰

Did you know that the more APX power you hold, the more APX tokens you can earn on the platform?
If you buy APX power, you #PowerUp your investment because you will continuously earn larger rewards from it!

Read on to learn more about why APX power helps you to earn more on APPICS, why you should buy some this week to get double the profits, and how you can participate in the weekly challenge to win up to 1 million APX power!

#PowerUpYourInvestment Challenge

👉 This is how you can join the challenge:

🔸 Buy APX power this week through our website power.appics.com


Every post with the hashtag #powerup will be entered into our grand prize lottery!

When the campaign has ended, we will draw one random winner from the lottery who will receive 1 MILLION APX delegation for 90 DAYS! 🤩

What is APX power and why does it help you to increase your earnings on APPICS❓

On the APPICS app, you get rewarded in form of “APX” tokens, which is the native currency of the platform. The act of “powering up” your tokens, means that you stake them inside your wallet and now your APX tokens count as your “voting power”. The more APX you accumulate and stake aka. “power up”, the higher the weight of your vote, which gives you more power and influence over the overall reward distribution. The APPICS platform has a set pool of tokens and users by voting on content decide on the distribution of these tokens.

The more APX power you have, the more rewards you can assign to posts when voting — whether they’re other people’s posts or your own! 💸

That’s why more APX power ultimately leads to earning more APX tokens on the platform.

How can you get more APX power❓

1️⃣ By being active on the APPICS App: through posting, upvoting and commenting on content, you earn more APX tokens — part of which will e automatically added to your APX power!

What do I get when I buy a package on power.appics.com❓

When you buy one of our power packages through the website you are buying a delegation of APX tokens for 30 days. This means that you are lending staked APX tokens for the ability to increase the weight and earnings through the action of voting on content within the APPICS app.

Why did we create power.appics.com❓

To increase your APX power, you could also buy APX tokens on an exchange, send them to your wallet, and then power them up manually. But if you’re new to crypto, this might be way too complicated!
Since it’s part of our mission to lower the barrier of entry into the crypto space, we decided to make it easier than ever to get APPICS power. By purchasing delegation through power.appics.com you don’t need to know anything about crypto or blockchain — just complete the purchase and the APX power will be lent to your account automatically for 30 days!

Good luck to all participants! 🍀



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