Power Up Your Reach 🚀

2 min readSep 6, 2022

Welcome to the fourth challenge of our #PowerUp series!
This week’s theme is #PowerUpYourReach.

Read on to learn how you can participate in this week’s challenge with a short video clip under 15 seconds, and how you can win up to 1 million APX power! 👇

👉 This is how you can join the challenge:

🔸 Create a short video (max 15 seconds) that starts with “Join Appics …”

🔸 In the video, describe why someone should join APPICS as if you’re talking to a friend. Some examples:
- Join APPICS because you can get rewarded for your social media activities!
- Join APPICS because it’s a way to get started in crypto without investment!
- Join APPICS because it’s a home for creatives to earn from their art!
- Join APPICS because it’s an alternative social media platform that empowers its users!
- Join APPICS to connect with a global family of crypto enthusiasts and be a pioneer on this new platform!

🔸 Post the video on APPICS with the hashtags #PowerUpYourReach AND #PowerUp

🔸 BONUS: Also post the video on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter or TikTok and include the link to that post in your APPICS caption! This will increase your chances to win! 🤞

🏆 Challenge structure & Prizes

Every Tuesday, there will be a new challenge with a new theme.
3 winners will be picked every Monday and receive the following prizes:

🥇1st place — 300k APX delegation for 30 days

🥈 2nd place — 200k APX delegation for 30 days

🥉 3rd place — 100k APX delegation for 30 days

📣 The more creative you get with the video, and the more you share it on other platforms as well, the higher your chances to win!


Every post with the hashtag #powerup will be entered into our grand prize lottery!

When the campaign has ended, we will draw one random winner from the lottery who will receive 1 MILLION APX delegation for 90 DAYS! 🤩

We’re looking forward to seeing all of your short videos and picking our favorites as winners! Remember — the more creative you get, the higher your chances to win! Good luck to everyone! 🍀




APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.