Share, Vote, Fly: How to let your content pay for your next trip 🛩 🌎

This is now possible through our partnership with jetlegs, an online travel agency that specializes in customized traveling solutions tailored to your individual needs.

The collaboration between APPICS and Jetlegs offers several benefits for both communities:

Web 3 is all about decentralization, transparency and empowering its users. In the travel industry, web 3 technologies like the blockchain enable users to pay for their travels with cryptocurrency, eliminating the need for a middle man.

Also, other web 3 technologies like the Metaverse open up new possibilities for planning a trip: users can virtually explore certain destinations around the globe to get an idea of what it’s like there and make it easier where they want to visit in real life!

APPICS users who earn APX tokens on the platform will be able to buy flight tickets and other travel solutions powered by jetlegs with APX.

This adds another utility for the APX token and enables users to travel from the rewards that they’ve earned just by sharing, voting and commenting on content on the APPICS app!

The APPICS community consists largely of crypto-enthusiasts, content creators, and digital nomads.

It’s a community of travelers and travel-lovers, making it an ideal audience for jetlegs’ services that enable users to explore travel destinations around the globe and pay for it with cryptocurrencies!

“JETLEGS sees the advantage of working with APPICS in the fact that the basis of a common digital platform is given and we want to give everyone in the world the chance to travel.”, shares Jetlegs CEO and Founder Yenal.

“Since 2019, it has been firmly anchored in our business plan that ​​social media plays an essential role for us if we want to have a chance in the highly competitive travel industry market.

Jetlegs also accepts other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum as payment methods, adding that: “JETLEGS also understands that the future means of payment will be on a digital level (cryptos) and we would like to be there right from the start and make ourselves understood in the market as early adopters.”



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