📣 SNEAK PEEK: New APPICS Blockchain With Cross-Posting to STEEM & HIVE!

Watch the video below to learn more about our upcoming announcement & major future plans for APPICS! 💥

It’s been some time since the last episode of RAW & UNCENSORED 🎥 where we share with you some content behind-the-scenes of an APPICS meeting.

Finally, after a long break due to the global pandemic, we had our first in-person meeting last week and it was great to see everyone again personally and catch up! 🙌

As promised, this video includes a sneak peak at some major news 🔥 namely that we’ve been working on a blockchain solution for APPICS, that will allow us to operate independently from Steem, but at the same time allow our users to decide if they want to cross-post on Steemit, Hive or other social media platforms ❗️

These are super exciting news and an official announcement will follow where we will share details, technical insight, and timelines. ⏰ there will also be a token swap to the new blockchain-based token for our APPICS Mainnet.
We always act with the best interest of our community and the growth of the platform in mind, so we couldn’t rely on an unstable blockchain any longer and set up our own solution. 💪

With the new blockchain, we will be able to have a seamless onboarding process with the ability to create unlimited instant accounts — which is one of the most essential features for global mass adoption. 🌎

Just know that we are very close to the public launch and can’t wait to finally release the official announcement 🤫 and show the World what APPICS is all about! 😁



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