Social media meets music in web3: APPICS X emanate metaverse event, partnership and more! 🚀

3 min readJul 15, 2022


This week, APPICS announced their new partnership with the decentralized music streaming platform emanate! In this article, we’ll go a bit more in-depth about what emanate is and how this partnership benefits both communities.

In honor of this partnership there will also be a series of exciting online events taking place in the coming weeks including AMA’s, challenges, and even a Metaverse party — read on to learn more!

APPICS X Emanate Partnership

It is one of APPICS’ core missions to give the power back to the people and enable users from around the globe to get rewarded for their passion — and emanate has a similar vision for the music space, allowing artists to earn a fair share of rewards for their music and decentralizing music streaming globally.

This is where both companies’ core values overlap, and the reason why the partnership between APPICS and emanate takes the empowerment of creatives in the web3 space to a new level!

“The partnership with emanate is an exciting opportunity for all musicians and creatives in the crypto space, allowing them to get rewarded for their passion — whether that’s through music streaming on emanate, or through social interaction on APPICS.

We are looking forward to our first collaborative Metaverse event on July 30th as well as more events, campaigns and challenges to come in the future!”

Uma Hagenguth, APPICS Co-Founder

What is emanate?

Emanate is a web3 music platform that aims to decentralize music streaming and empower artists by rewarding them fairly for their music.

The platform has seen some amazing growth since its inception in 2017: with more than fifteen thousand users, a fantastic community of like-minded artists, and thousands of EMT (the platforms native token), paid out instantly to every corner of the globe.

Smart collaborations and live, instant payments are at the core of the emanate ecosystem; with the addition of playlists and the launch of their iOS app in 2021, they moved to their Beta stage in April of 2022. This transition introduced an entirely new user experience, MetaMask compatibility, music NFT integration and a number of exciting new features to entice up and coming creators.

As music NFTs continue to dominate the headlines, emanate is providing the infrastructure to creators coming into the web3 space, with the ability to link their music NFTs to marketplaces like OpenSea, helping to give creative freedom back to creators.

“We believe that web3 will turn the whole music industry on its head. It is the most logical step, especially for the creators, who are the backbone of the industry. We’re making sure that creators have the tools necessary to compete in web3. APPICS share that same vision, by giving control and creative freedom to those that need it most, which is why a partnership is so exciting for both of us.”

Trent Shaw, emanate founding member

Metaverse Party with APPICS and emanate artists 🪩

Join us on July 30 for an exciting event in the Voxels Metaverse! 🕺🏾
We’ve teamed up with emanate to create a virtual party with performances by APPICS and Emanate artists, as well as a dancefloor, an NFT Gallery and more!
Stay tuned for more details and live talks on Twitter spaces where we’ll reveal more about the Metaverse party 🥳

✍️ Sign up to emanate in preparation for the Metaverse event and to support web3 artists 👉




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