#StayHome Challenge on APPICS: Get creative in quarantine! 🏡

Entire industries have been put on hold, all non-essential travel is restricted, millions of businesses have been closed and some countries are in a total lockdown.
In most areas around the globe, people are advised to stay at home in order to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus and flatten the curve. We hope everyone in our community is healthy and coping with the situation, making the most of it!

To make the quarantine life more fun, we have decided to create our own #stayhome challenge on APPICS,

giving users the opportunity to win prizes for getting creative and showing what their favorite activities at home are!

Win APX with our #StayHome Challenge!

Due to the current situation, with most people around the globe being advised to stay home and not go out, we decided to start the #stayhome challenge on APPICS!
With this challenge, we want to show users that being in quarantine doesn’t have to be boring — you can make it FUN!
The challenge is being held by the APPICS team, in close collaboration with our APPICS ambassadors around the world. Special thanks to @mauriciovite for translating and spreading the challenge in our spanish-speaking community!

How you can take part in the challenge:

Post a picture or video of yourself doing any activity that makes this quarantine time fun for you. Whether it’s painting, dancing, crafting, reading, singing, cooking, exercising, or learning a new language — show us how you spend this time at home! The more creative you get and the more unique your post, the higher your chances of winning!
Besides posting on APPICS and using the hashtag #stayhome, make sure to share your post on one other social media platform as well

Exclusive prizes you can WIN by participating:

First Place every month: 2000 APX
Second Place every month: 1000 APX
Third Place every month: 500 APX

Additionally, the best content using the hashtag #stayhome will receive exclusive upvotes by the @appics account and the APPICS team!


  • Submit your post on APPICS using the hashtag #stayhome
  • Share your post on at least one other social media platform, tagging APPICS, and showing the amount of rewards your received on the APPICS App
  • The APPICS Team will review all challenge submissions, and evaluate the most creative submissions as winners.
  • There will be three winners monthly.


The challenge will run as long as the global quarantine lasts in most countries. 3 winners will be determined every month for the duration of the challenge.

How blessed are we to have the internet which gives us the opportunity to stay connected, even with physical distance ?

We can all engage and interact on social media, and don’t have to feel isolated at all. Many social media influencers are already using this time to engage more with their audience through livestreams, quizzes, polls, and challenges.

So if you and your friends are spending so much time on social media anyway … why not get rewarded for it ?

This is the perfect time to invite your friends & family to join APPICS!

Are you an APPICS tester yet?

If not, please visit ios.appics.com if you’re an iOS user, and for android users softlaunch.appics.com to download the APPICS app. Or visit account.appics.com to create an instant APPICS account including SP and APX power!
Once you have downloaded APPICS, you can login directly with your steem account and private active key!

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