Step-by-Step Tutorial for the EOS-TELOS Tokenswap (ENGLISH & SPANISH)

In our last post, we introduced the new EOS-TELOS bridge which allows EOS-based APX token holders to swap their tokens to the new telos-based protocol seamlessly and without any fees.

Now we would like to share some detailed Step-by-step instructions that show how you can swap your EOS-based APX to Telos-based APX with the mobile app “Wombat” in English & Spanish:

Big thank you to Arturo for creating this infographic and the translations! Much appreciated! 🙏

⚠️ Keep in mind that these instructions only apply for holders of EOS-based APX tokens.

If you have earned APX tokens through the APPICS app and you have never bought or traded any APX on Newdex, then your tokens are STEEM-based.

In this case, there is nothing you need to do right now to prepare for the tokenswap.

All users will be guided through the process of swapping their STEEM-based APX tokens directly inside the APPICS app when we transition to the mainnet.

If you have any other questions regarding the tokenswap process, you can reach our team in our Telegram group:



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