Team APPICS at The Global Blockchain Expo London 2018 (Video)

Earlier this summer, the APPICS Team flew to London to attend 2 blockchain conferences and represent APPICS.

Last week, we already shared our experience at the London Crypto Show — and today, we will go into some more detail about the huge Global Blockchain Expo!

Watch our APPICS Video about this Event below on Steemit’s DTUBE!

Shot & edited by our Media & Communications Manager Esko Voss

Today we want to give you an insight into the second event we have attended in London this summer.

The second event called „Global Blockchain Expo“ took place at Olympia Grand Hall London.

Olympia is a huge exhibition centre in West Kensington. The venue is home to a range of international trade and consumer exhibitions, international conferences, and events.

With over 6,000 blockchain delegates, the „Global Blockchain Expo“ is one of the largest Blockchain events worldwide.

For two days, the event brought together industry leaders, who develop first-class Blockchain technologies.

From healthcare, supply chain and food traceability to energy, manufacturing retail, logistics, real estate and more, it is the blockchain for business track that is a must attend for those examining blockchain enterprise strategies.

The event was packed with conferences from morning till late into the afternoon.

COO Uma Hagenguth on stage talking about APPICS

The free conference track was split across 2 key areas: Developing Blockchain Applications and Blockchain Technologies. We have also held a presentation in front of over 200 Blockchain enthusiasts.

Our presentation went over 20 minutes — touching base on social media today and on how APPICS is using Blockchain technology with the aim of rewarding APPICS users for their time and energy they spend on social media.

Our presentation ended with a 10 minute Q & A session where we were faced with all sorts of questions, including, data safety and app development.

In conclusion, we received positive feedback and so, we would like to thank everyone who attended!

Furthermore, we had our very own exhibition booth to introduce and discuss upcoming @appics projects.

During the event, our booth was constantly packed and we were talking to people about the concept of APPICS non-stop!

We were overwhelmed by the massive interest in our project. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by our booth!

The huge support only shows how blockchain technology is slowly taking steps towards mass adaption, and how projects with a simplified user experience like APPICS bridge the gap for crypto-newbies.

We had an amazing time in London, chatting with countless crypto enthusiasts from all over the world and meeting so many talented Steemians as well.

Until next time!

@nanzo-scoop and @mrs.steemit

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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.

APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.