📣 The new APPICS Blockchain 🔥

Our global APPICS family is growing continuously and we’re always striving for improvement, growth, and a better performance so we were looking for a new technology partner in the blockchain space.

It is important to collaborate with likeminded people who are striving for the same purpose and going the same path, so why not cooperate and join forces for an even better outcome? 🤔

That is exactly what we did! 🤝
We are happy to have found a dedicated team and a technology partner in Telos that will give us the ability to create unlimited free accounts and simplify the onboarding process, an essential component for the main launch.

APPICS is now migrating to the new EOSIO blockchain with some powerful key benefits like a customized reward mechanism, faster blockchain features (more than 4x faster than steem), cross-posting options, and many more! 💥

Official announcement by Telos ➡️

We’re just a few weeks away from our public launch and now is the perfect time to join APPICS and start building your community!
Find more information & join us here ➡️ https://linktr.ee/appics

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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.

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