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Hopefully, the tutorial helps to understand the gateway. Try it out, if you haven’t already and make sure you can trade APX tokens properly so that you can teach your friends and new users!

Get ready & Watch out for a TRADING CHALLENGE COMING SOON! 👀

As you know, our mission is to bring the benefits of blockchain to the masses and make it possible for anyone to buy and trade APX tokens. Espeically right now with the timing of the current market opportunity and our globally growing community, while still in Beta.

So in order to do that, we need users without prior trading or crypto knowledge to firstly understand that APX tokens are a cryptocurrency and can be exchanged for other currencies like Bitcoin, Euro, Dollar and Yen and secondly, how it works.

This is why we created this easy to follow step-by-step tutorial on how to use the gateway.


APPICS is based on a dual-blockchain technology so both EOS-based and STEEM-based APX tokens exist. EOS-based APX are tradable at Newdex.io while STEEM-based APX are tradable at Steem Engine.

► Want to trade APX tokens? 📈
To switch between the 2 blockchains, follow the instructions below to send your tokens through our STEEM-EOS Gateway.
🔸To send APX tokens from Newdex to Steem-Engine:
send APX (contract: appicsappics) to “steemenginex” account on EOS, with the memo: “STEEMAPX yoursteemname”
🔸To send APX tokens from Steem-Engine to Newdex:
send APX to “eos-peg” account on steem-engine, with the memo: “EOSAPX youreosname”

► Any issues with the Steem Engine Gateway?
Report here: https://support.privex.io/open.php

Please spread the word, share this video, feel free to translate it into your native language and help your peers to join the crypto world, learn about exchanges and trading. Together we are stronger!

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