New Update for APPICS on iOS!

Dear APPICS Community!

We are excited to share with you that a new major update for iOS is available which includes edit/delete functionality and an improved wallet with extended transaction details, along with other small bug fixes!

Read this update to know more about the current status of development, how to get the new iOS version and how to correctly report bugs.

The APPICS iOS Testnet can be downloaded here:

If you already have APPICS installed, simply go to your testflight app and click on “update”. If you have your notifications turned on, you should have received a notification from Testflight, telling you that there is an update available. You will be able to login with your previous test account and you should be able to connect your existing Telos wallet to that associate account.

What’s new in this iOS Update? 👀

🔸EDIT posts: You can now tap on the “…” on each of your posts to edit the caption, hashtag or category. 📝
🔸DELETE posts: You can also tap on “…” to completely remove your post. ❌
🔸Display & copy your own WALLET ADDRESS under “settings” ⚙️
🔸In-App Test-TOKENSWAP 🔁
🔸Fullscreen CAMERA view when taking a picture directly through the appics app 📸
🔸Functionality to REMOVE your upvote from a post 🚫

💸 Wallet functions:
🔸 Detailed view for transactions in your wallet transaction history ✔️
🔸 Show suggestions + profile pictures when sending APX ✔️
🔸 Wallet values + american grouping separator ✔️

🔎 Various smaller bug fixes:
🔸 Renamed “private key” to “active key” in backup-email ✔️
🔸 Fixed: crash when searching for user while sending APX ✔️
🔸 Reduced cropping of images due to parallax effect in feed ✔️
🔸 Fixed: crash on main feed for users without profile picture ✔️
🔸 Fixed: “whatsapp not found” even thouugh the app was installed ✔️

How to report bugs for iOS:

Bugs are expected to occur in the testnet, so please help us by reporting them as detailed as possible and with screenshots / screen recordings inside the following Excel sheet:

Development Update

Our iOS development has made great progress over the last week, the reported bugs have been fixed and new features that are essential for the launch, like the tokenswap, have been added. In the meantime our backend developers have been working on finalizing the transaction history, security audit and fixing bugs as well.

On the Android front, our developers are also working hard to fix the reported bugs. By testing together with the community and receiving many more detailed bug reports, you are helping us to find & fix bugs quicker in preparation for the mainnet.

The iOS app is much more stable, but android is catching up, so we need your help to accelerate it even more 💪

So please take screenshots / screen recordings of any bugs you come across and enter them in this excel sheet along with your username and device information: Android Community Testers Bug Report

Have a great weekend & happy testing!




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