📣 Update: APX Tokenswap Testing Starts!

Dear APPICS Community,

⚠️ Please note that we will start with a TEST for the tokenswap, which means that for now you can only try out the process with test tokens to see if it works. Also keep in mind that the credentials you create won’t be valid for the tokenswap on the main-net - so you will need to register again once the main-net is live.


How to perform the Test-Tokenswap:

  1. Go to ➡️ https://tokenswap.appicsadmin.com/ using the password: appics_938462
  2. Create a new APPICS TEST account via your preferred sign-in method (Google/Apple/FB/Email) or login with your tester account, if you already have one

⚠️ Here is why it’s important that you create a backup of your test account credentials and test telos account wallet that you create during the tokenswap procedure:


Team Appics



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