📣 Update: APX Tokenswap Testing Starts!

3 min readAug 24, 2021


Dear APPICS Community,

after months of development we are excited to announce that we have reached the launch sprint, which means that we only have a couple of updates left until the main launch.

The next step is the tokenswap. Since the Android app progress is slightly behind the iOS app, we made the decision to build a web version of the tokenswap, so that you can already start swapping your tokens, while the apps are being finalized. The option to SWAP YOUR TOKENS INSIDE THE APP still remains, but this way we can already get started and use the time efficiently.

We have been testing the tokenswap internally and now want to invite you to be among the testers, before the live event. You can see on https://telos-test.bloks.io/account/apx that a lot of testing is already being done and with your help we will be able to successfully finish testing very soon.

⚠️ Please note that we will start with a TEST for the tokenswap, which means that for now you can only try out the process with test tokens to see if it works. Also keep in mind that the credentials you create won’t be valid for the tokenswap on the main-net - so you will need to register again once the main-net is live.


Wednesday August 25th
➡️ Test-net Tokenswap Ambassador Onboarding

Monday August 30th
➡️ Test-net Tokenswap Community Onboarding

Test-net onboarding
➡️ Exact date to be announced, more information will follow in the update next week. Stay tuned!

How to perform the Test-Tokenswap:

  1. Go to ➡️ https://tokenswap.appicsadmin.com/ using the password: appics_938462
  2. Create a new APPICS TEST account via your preferred sign-in method (Google/Apple/FB/Email) or login with your tester account, if you already have one

2. Link your Steem account wallet (previous APPICS app credentials) where your earned tokens are located

3. Link your existing Telos wallet OR create a new Telos account wallet

4. Perform the token swap!


⚠️ Here is why it’s important that you create a backup of your test account credentials and test telos account wallet that you create during the tokenswap procedure:

The next step after testing the tokenswap will be the onboarding into the APPICS app test-net, where you will be able to not only see your swapped APX tokens being reflected inside your wallet, but also test your voting power, so that you can get a feeling for upvoting in the app with your full voting power. You will also be able to test delegating, sending and receiving tokens.

Once again, keep in mind these are test-tokens!


Fill out << this Google form to report any issues you encounter >>

Thank you for participating in the testing of the tokenswap. This is the last big milestone before the launch and the more testers join and report bugs, the faster the developers can finalize and optimize the process.

Over the last weeks we had a lot of progress, onboarded 3 new developers and have finally reached the last sprint. From now on we will be sharing the progress up until the launch with you every week, as we are getting one step closer each day.

We appreciate your patience and trust in the team. We also hope that you share our excitement and look forward to testing the tokenswap!

Make sure to join our Telegram Community to stay up to date and be the first to receive the tokenswap link there!

Team Appics




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