Update: iOS Test-Net Is Back For Everyone & Android Testing For Ambassadors Starts!

we hope that you enjoyed testing the tokenswap. We are happy about the successful tokenswap testing thus far and have taken your feedback into account. As promised, over the next weeks we will give you a status update of the development progress.

The snapshot for the tokenswap was from March 8th 2021, which was one week after our delisting of APX on steem-engine that happened on March 1st 2021. We realized that after the delisting, a few community members still sent transactions that subsequently weren’t reflected in the snapshot. Therefore we made the decision to use an updated snapshot, taken on August 28th 2021 for the main-net tokenswap!

This week another frontend developer was onboarded, to help us accelerate the progress in the coming weeks. Another milestone we accomplished this week is that we started deploying the main-net, updating endpoints for transactions and our developers are currently testing the main-net internally. On another note, Android has started to catch up with the development status of iOS and is now focused on the in-app tokenswap and wallet functionalities.

Testing goes in four stages. In the first stage, the developers test a new app build, then in the second stage, our team tests a new version internally, in the third stage we release the build to our Ambassadors and the fourth and final stage is the release to the whole community.
This way we are able to stress test the new features and fixed bugs thoroughly.

We are excited to share that the second stage of Android test-net testing has been completed and we will add our Ambassadors on Monday 10–06–2021. This is great news, because it means that Android is now only one stage apart from the progress of iOS.

The Appics test-net is officially coming back!

We have completed the third stage of testing the iOS app with our Ambassadors. This means, next week we will bring back the APPICS iOS app for everyone!

⚠️ It’s important to note that if you’ve already created a test account for the tokenswap, you will NOT need to click on “create account” but “login with telos” in order to see your APX tokens from the test tokenswap reflected in your account wallet.

  • registration process
  • connecting your telos account wallet / creating a telos wallet
  • voting power bar
  • flagging aka. “downvoting” posts
  • mentioning: @user1 in your caption to tag a user
  • editing your profile
  • wallet: sending tokens
  • wallet: delegating tokens
  • wallet: power up & power down
  • wallet: viewing your transaction history

Features that are not yet working, but will be functional for the main-net:

  • notifications
  • deleting posts
  • auto-suggestions in the wallet
  • additional wallet functionalities
  • sharing posts functionality

We hope that you are as excited as we are to be back on the APPICS test-net!

⚠️ Keep in mind that the account you create, as well as the tokens you earn on the test-net won’t be reflected in your wallet on the main-net.

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