Sep 3, 2021

3 min read

Update: iOS Test-Net Is Back For Everyone & Android Testing For Ambassadors Starts!

Dear APPICS Community,

About the snapshot:

New milestones reached:

The 4 stages of testing:

What you have been waiting for:

The Appics test-net is officially coming back!

Besides posting a photo or video, upvoting and following users, here are some of the new features you can test:

  • registration process
  • connecting your telos account wallet / creating a telos wallet
  • voting power bar
  • flagging aka. “downvoting” posts
  • mentioning: @user1 in your caption to tag a user
  • editing your profile
  • wallet: sending tokens
  • wallet: delegating tokens
  • wallet: power up & power down
  • wallet: viewing your transaction history
  • notifications
  • deleting posts
  • auto-suggestions in the wallet
  • additional wallet functionalities
  • sharing posts functionality

There are even more features that are being implemented, but those are the main ones our developers are focused on over the next few weeks.

Team Appics