Update: New Wallet Short-Cut, Bug Fixing & More

Dear APPICS Community!

It’s friday and time for another Update 🙌

In today’s post we will share with you an exciting new short-cut to access your wallet, the progress of bug-fixing on android, and general development updates.

⚠️ If you are not on the new APPICS testnet yet, you can download it here:

📲 Download link for iOS

📲 Download link for Android

Development Update ⚙️

This week, our developers have been working hard to fix all of your reported bugs on both iOS and Android. They have also updated the transaction history which will load faster, as well as include profile pictures and memos. You’ll also be able to send tokens to new users who just setup their wallet right away now.

On iOS we have also added new notification types, such as sending and delegating tokens.

These updated features and bug fixes on iOS are expected to be released next week, alongside a majorly updated version for all Android users. 📱

⏰ What will be included in the new Android build:

  • added username in the notifications
  • faster synchronization of transaction history
  • new account wallets to appear in the search
  • fixed memo in transaction field
  • fixed profile images in transaction field
  • updated voting UX
  • further security layer
  • added editing posts
  • added in-app notifications
  • added payout in transaction history

New wallet short-cut

We have decided to switch the icon in the bottom-right corner of the main feed, which was previously linked to the upcoming messenger feature, to a wallet short-cut. 👀

This means that you can now click on that button and will be directly taken to your in-app wallet to manage your APX — without having to go through your profile!

This feature will ensure a smoother and faster user flow that also highlights the new wallet functionalities like sending, delegating, transaction history and more. 💸

We are looking forward to the upcoming bug fixes, app updates, and the new wallet short-cut that will be released next week.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and happy testing!

💬 Don’t forget to join our telegram community to stay updated and ask any questions: https://t.me/appics_official




APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.

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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.

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