Update: The APPICS iOS Testnet is now available again for everyone!

As promised, our new iOS app is now ready for community onboarding! Read this update to find out how to participate in the iOS testnet, what to test and how to report bugs.

This week your development team has accomplished some great milestones. We finalized the deployment of our smart contracts and production environment for the main-net.

That means next week the final stage of backend development will begin, which we call the “polishing phase”. During that last stage, the final features on our go-live roadmap like “notifications” and others will be added, tested and the reported bugs will be fixed as well. Once that stage has been completed we are ready to move from test to main-net and also perform the tokenswap on the main-net.

How to get on the iOS testnet

To get the latest version of APPICS 1.21.3 (206) on your iOS device, please use the following link: https://apple.co/3zcbV2x or directly click on “Update” on your testflight app.

New features to test

  • registration process (via Google/Apple/FB/Email)
  • connecting your telos account wallet / creating a telos wallet
  • voting power bar
  • mentioning: @user1 in your caption to tag a user
  • editing your profile
  • wallet: sending tokens
  • wallet: delegating tokens
  • wallet: power up & power down
  • wallet: viewing your transaction history

⚠️ ️Keep in mind that this is still the testnet, so you can create a test account (with a different username than your final one) and will also earn test tokens under each post.

How to report bugs:

When testing the app, you can report bugs directly inside the following Excel sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V1Uu66YjVNGKSuuQ6cIhzli_2a0XYhE2p3v0IkhHX-M/edit?usp=sharing

This week our Ambassadors had the chance to get a glimpse of the current Android app and started testing & reporting bugs. Thanks to their feedback, the developers are now working on resolving the issues found. As soon as Android successfully undergoes our stress-tests and proves its stability, we will start releasing it to our Appics community.

We hope you are as excited as we are to have everyone back on the Appics iOS test-net!

Have a great weekend & happy testing!



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