Answering FAQ’s about the APPICS Testnet!

Last week, we released our iOS testnet on the new blockchain for everyone in our community. (Learn how to join the iOS testnet here!)

There were many questions that came up about the testnet app, account creation, tokens, tokenswap, new features, etc. So we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions to share the answers with you in this post!

Frequently Asked questions about the testnet

1) How can I download the testnet for iOS? I don’t see it in my TestFlight

To get the latest version of APPICS 1.21.3 (206) on your iOS device, please use the following link: or directly click on “Update” in your testflight app.

2) Do I have to create a new account when joining the testnet?

In order to get on the current test-net you need a new account, which will be your “tester” account on the new blockchain. Once we transition to the mainnet then you will have to register again. You can choose to register with your previous username or a different username for testing purposes.

3) How do I login with my existing credentials on the new appics app ?

You cannot login with your previous account. On the previous APPICS Beta you had Steem credentials but now after the migration to our new blockchain, you need a Telos wallet that connects to your account.

Keep in mind though that you will need your previous steem credentials for the tokenswap (which will reflect your previously earned APX balance in your new telos wallet) as well as to enable cross-posting to steemit at a later stage, if you choose to do so.

4) If I login with my previous account password and username, will I be able to see my earned APX tokens?

Again, you cannot login to the new APPICS testnet with your previous account credentials.
Of course, your previously earned APX tokens are not lost, they will be reflected in your new account wallet once you have completed the tokenswap.
You can already participate in the TEST-tokenswap in order to see your APX balance in your testnet account, but keep in mind that you have to do the actual tokenswap again when we transition to the mainnet.

For more information, please read this Medium post and follow the steps carefully.

5) Will I have to create an account again after the testnet is over?

Yes. The current testnet is for testing purposes only, you create a test account and earn test tokens. You will have to create a new account on the mainnet.

6) Should I sign up with my actual username or a different one? Will I have to choose a new username again for the mainnet?

You can use whatever username you like for the current testnet, it could be your previous username or a different one. Keep in mind that you will have to register again for the Mainnet and then choose a new username again.

7) Do we lose all our previous content? Will the content I post now be reflected on the main-net?

We always communicated that all content from the previous APPICS Beta app will not be carried over to the mainnet. This is in order to allow all users a fair chance to start again from scratch. However, your content can still be found on your steem/hive profile.
As for posts on the current testnet, these will also be erased before the mainnet!

8) Can I post content on APPICS again that I’ve already shared previously on the APPICS Beta app?

We encourage to always post original content on APPICS!
All old content is still saved on the blockchain and can be found in your steem/hive profile.

9) I already have a Telos account, but my address doesn’t end with “.apx”. Can I login with that account? How can I get an address that ends with .apx?

You cannot login with any Telos account that doesn’t end with .apx, we reserved this ending for APPICS users only.
You need to register for a new account through the APPICS app, which will allow you to create a new acount ending with .apx .

10) Do I need to participate in the current test-tokenswap or can I just wait until the real tokenswap?

You are not required to participate in the test-tokenswap but we highly recommend it, so that you can familiarize yourself with the process before the actual tokenswap happens. Also, if you perform the test-tokenswap you will see your APX balance in your testnet account and will be able to test the new wallet functions.

11) Can new users join the App now as well?

Yes, new users can join the testnet and familiarize themselves with the technology, just keep in mind that they’re earning test-tokens for now and all content will be reset for the mainnet.

12) How can I try the new wallet functions?

To get to your wallet inside the APPICS app, you first go to your profile (click on your profile picture in the top right corner) and then click on the $ amount. This will take you to your APPICS wallet.
In the top right you will find two icons, one for delegation and one for sending tokens. You can also try to power up liquid or power down staked tokens and view your transaction history in your wallet. Try it out!

13) Should I save the Telos private keys of my new testnet account?

Yes, definitely make sure to save your test credentials, in order to test the full functionality of the app.
This is also a good opportunity to practice saving your keys — because once we go on the mainnet, every user is responsible for saving their keys themselves. There is no way to restore them so always make sure to back-up your keys on a hardrive, password manager, or physically written down on paper.

14) When trying to upvote on the testnet, I always get the error “voting power must be positive to upvote”

Before you can upvote on the testnet, you will need to get voting power!
we will send every user who hasn’t participated in the tokenswap 1000 APX test tokens, which you then have to power up. Please reach out to one of our admins if you don’t see any tokens in your wallet.
You can also perform the test-tokenswap to receive APX in your balance.

15) Where should I report any bugs that I encounter on the testnet?

Please specify any bugs in this spreadsheet, making sure to include screenshots and detailed information about how the error occurred.

16) Will the tokens that we earn during this testnet be added to our overall balance for main launch?

No, since there are just test-tokens to be earned in the testnet.

17) When I try to access my wallet, it asks me for my Telos Active Key. Where can I find it?

When you first created your new telos account, you were asked to back-up your keys either by storing them yourself or by sending them in an email. That’s where you can find your keys. If you did not store or back-up your keys, there is no way to restore them and you’ll have to create a new account.

18) Will our followers / followings be carried over to the mainnet or also start from scratch?

Your content, as well as followers & followings will start from scratch on the mainnet. Connect with your APPICS friends through telegram to stay connected and follow them again on their new profile!

19) Is the current APX token price being used inside the APPICS app?

Yes, the APX token price inside the APPICS app is updated daily from the current APX price on CoinGecko.

20) Can I edit the caption of my posts in the APPICS app?

The functionality to edit a post is on our development timeline, but hasn’t been implemented yet. First, there will be the functionality to delete a post which will be included in the next build, and then the edit-functionality will follow.

21) How long is the voting period and how long is the power-down period on the new blockchain?

On our new blockchain, content can be voted on for 30 days before rewards get paid out. This gives our users more time to discover and upvote other people’s posts, as well as more time to earn rewards on your own posts!
The power-down period has been reduced to 10 weeks in the new algorithm, meaning that once you start the power down process you will receive 1/10th of your staked balance in liquid tokens every week for 10 weeks.

Do you have any other questions about our APPICS testnet? Feel free to ask our admins on Telegram!




APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.

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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.

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