Top 7 dApps to impact your life and the planet

6 min readAug 27, 2022

We picked out the 7 best blockchain-based applications to help you make an impact — on your life, other people’s lives, and on planet earth!

Read on to learn more about each app and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!


The APPICS App empowers people around the globe by rewarding their time and creativity spent on social media with cryptocurrency!
For social interactions like posting, commenting and upvoting content, users earn APX tokens that can be exchanged into any other currency.

APPICS makes an impact by providing an alternative to existing social media platforms and offers a solution to common problems like disturbing algorithms, intrusive advertisement, data theft and more.

Additionally, APPICS opens up a world of new possibilities for impact initatives: a charity project can directly raise funds through their posts on APPICS and then keep the community updated on their progress and stay in touch with their community on the app.

APPICS turns the traditional social media hierarchy around by giving its users the opportunity to receive financial compensation directly from their content and engagement, earning real revenue from receiving “likes” directly via blockchain technology.

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Giveth is a community focused on Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology, making Giving effortless and rewarding people around the world for creating positive change!

Their intention is to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating open, transparent and free access to the revolutionary funding opportunities available within the Ethereum ecosystem which enable donors to get rewarded with tokens when making a donation with crypto.

Welcome to a future where we revolutionize economic systems, regenerate the Earth, evolve human coordination & create societies based on decentralization, freedom, community and love.

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Plastic bank

Plastic bank is a global company that has already stopped over 59 million kg of plastic entering the ocean.

By establishing plastic collection branches around coasts and waterways, and then offering collectors to exchange the plastic for benefits like insurance, social assistance, digital connectivity and more, they ensure a cycle of positive impact where the collected plastic gets recycled into “social plastic” products in the end.

Together with IBM, they’ve created a blockchain-based platform which tracks every transaction of the plastic from the point of collection to the Social plastic on the shelf, ensuring transparency and traceability.

By directly supporting collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas,
you can help stop plastic before it reaches the ocean!

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STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements.

Users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of Sneakers. By walking, jogging, or running outdoors, users will earn game currency, which can either be used in-game, or cashed out for profit.

With Game-Fi, STEPN aims to nudge millions toward a healthier lifestyle, combat climate change and connect the public to Web 3.0, all while simultaneously hinging on it’s Social-Fi aspect to build a long-lasting platform fostering user generated Web 3.0 content.

Until recently, web3 has only scratched the surface of fitness, which is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, valued at over $4.7 trillion and expanding at a double-digit pace every year.

Building our idea, we decided to add two powerful forces to fitness to solve the problems we described above and motivate millions to get moving and improve their health: incentivizing users and gamifying fitness!

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Did you know that ”Blockchain technology in the energy market is predicted to rise from USD 200 million in 2018 to around $18 billion by 2025” ?

Powerledger develops software solutions for the tracking, tracing and trading of renewable energy — for the democratization of power and a sustainable future.

A permissioned based blockchain allows Powerledger to build and scale energy projects across the globe, processing 50,000+ transactions per second. This scalable technology is fast, transparent and secure. Powerledger’s blockchain technology facilitates secure trading and mitigates settlement risk, whilst also providing an immutable and verifiable audit trail.

”Energy markets are changing fast. Powerledger’s technology creates the marketplace to keep customers connected to the grid and empowers them to control their energy future.”

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PlanetWatch decentralizes, incentivizes and gamifies air quality monitoring.

By partnering with the Algorand Blockchain and one of the leading research centers in the world, they are building the world’s first immutable and decentralized air quality ledger and rewarding any contribution to their ecosystem with planet tokens.

Look after the air you breathe!

Earn rewards and help us build a global air quality monitoring network to detect pollution hotspots and protect everyone’s health.

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Bitgreen is an open and permissionless blockchain built to meet the needs of NGOs, corporate ESG groups, and purpose-driven innovation in Web3.

It is nicknamed “the sustainability blockchain” and is based on polkadot, combining blockchain technology and green innovation to drive capital into critically important sustainability initiatives.

Bitgreen makes it easy to finance, originate and purchase high quality, transparent Carbon Credits that conserve nature, remove atmospheric CO2 and send financial benefits to local communities. The Bitgreen Impact Investment Platform delivers the first blockchain marketplace for discovering and buying digital green bonds.

Bitgreen exists to solve the funding gap in sustainability.

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Join the #PowerUpYourImpact challenge on APPICS to win up to 1 million APX power!

👉 This is how you can join the challenge:

🔸 Download APPICS for iOS or for Android

🔸 Show us how you do something impactful for other people or for the environment this week and post it on the APPICS app!

🔸 Here are a few examples of what this could look like:

  • Give a homeless person food,
  • Help out a stranger on the street
  • Help your friends/family members in need
  • Pay for the person behind you in a line
  • Rescue or feed wild animals
  • Pick up trash in nature
  • Help out at a local charity shelter or nonprofit organization
  • Make a donation to an impact organization of your choice — for example donate crypto to the giving block.

🔸 Make sure to tell us the story of your good deed — take a video or explain it in the caption! The more in-depth or creative you get, the higher your chances to win!

🔸 Use the hashtags #PowerUpYourImpact AND #PowerUp when posting on APPICS to participate both in this challenge and also enter into our grand prize lottery!

🔸 Find more details about the challenge an its prizes in this medium post!




APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.