Update: APPICS Beta on Google Play, iOS App Update & more!

3 min readNov 7, 2021

Dear APPICS Community!

these past two weeks the development has seen great progress and as we are getting closer to the last weeks of the year, we are pushing hard to make the transition to the main-net. 💥🚀

📰 Read on to learn more about a new Android testnet update on the google playstore, our most recent iOS Update, development progress, what to test and more!

Development Update 🛠

All of the reported bugs & crashes have been fixed, on iOS as well as Android. We have also setup the web-page for sharing Appics posts which is now being polished.

While half of our backend developers are fixing bugs in the current test-net and improving the usability, the other half has managed to deploy the “production environment” which will be the main-net and is already actively testing on there.
Also, we are preparing the “real” tokenswap while the community is currently testing the tokenswap to get familiar with the procedure.

New iOS Update on Testflight 📲

A new APP version for iOS (208) has been released on Testflight a few days ago, including the following fixes:

  • Wallet Short-Cut directly from main feed
  • Wallet: enhanced fraction digits formats
  • Transaction History now includes profile images with improved resolution
  • Fixed: empty Notifications Screen
  • Fixed: No response from Tokenswap
  • Fixed: Discover/Profile feedItem selection led to wrong post if feed changed underneath or could crash
  • Fixed: missing comments
  • Updated NavigationBar appearance for iOS 15

APPICS for Android on the Google Playstore 📲

Today it is finally time to have our test-net version be released on the Google playstore, where anyone can now download APPICS and easily update their app version to the latest version.

How to download APPICS for Android from Google Play:

  1. Uninstall your previous version of the APPICS App.
  2. Go to this link or search for APPICS on the Google Playstore.
  3. Install the app, login or signup for a Telos account and you’re ready to start testing! ✅

What to test & How to report bugs 🔍

Once you’re inside the app, whether that’s iOS or Android, please go through the list of “features to test” below and then report any bugs you encounter. That would be much appreciated and the more feedback, the better our developers can improve the app for the mainnet!

➡️ Features to test

  • Registration process
  • Login with existing account
  • Connect Telos wallet
  • Create Telos wallet
  • Posting photo & video (adding description, hashtags etc.)
  • Upvoting (Post & Comment); Downvoting; Effect on Power Bar
  • Commenting
  • Edit Post
  • Delete Post
  • Discover page (scroll & click on images)
  • Wallet (finding wallet of a user, sending, delegating tokens, power up & down, transaction history)

While going through these features and encountering any bug, please report it in our dedicated Bug Report ➡️ SUBMISSION FORM ⬅️

When reporting bugs, please give as much detail as possible and if possible, attach a screeenshot or screen recording. This helps our developers immensely!

That’s it for our Updates today — enjoy the new version of APPICS on iOS and Android!

Enjoy your sunday everyone! ☀️




APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.