Update: APPICS Beta on Google Play, iOS App Update & more!

Dear APPICS Community!

Development Update 🛠

New iOS Update on Testflight 📲

  • Wallet Short-Cut directly from main feed
  • Wallet: enhanced fraction digits formats
  • Transaction History now includes profile images with improved resolution
  • Fixed: empty Notifications Screen
  • Fixed: No response from Tokenswap
  • Fixed: Discover/Profile feedItem selection led to wrong post if feed changed underneath or could crash
  • Fixed: missing comments
  • Updated NavigationBar appearance for iOS 15

APPICS for Android on the Google Playstore 📲

How to download APPICS for Android from Google Play:

  1. Uninstall your previous version of the APPICS App.
  2. Go to this link or search for APPICS on the Google Playstore.
  3. Install the app, login or signup for a Telos account and you’re ready to start testing! ✅

What to test & How to report bugs 🔍

➡️ Features to test

  • Registration process
  • Login with existing account
  • Connect Telos wallet
  • Create Telos wallet
  • Posting photo & video (adding description, hashtags etc.)
  • Upvoting (Post & Comment); Downvoting; Effect on Power Bar
  • Commenting
  • Edit Post
  • Delete Post
  • Discover page (scroll & click on images)
  • Wallet (finding wallet of a user, sending, delegating tokens, power up & down, transaction history)

When reporting bugs, please give as much detail as possible and if possible, attach a screeenshot or screen recording. This helps our developers immensely!



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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.