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Last week, we released our iOS testnet on the new blockchain for everyone in our community. (Learn how to join the iOS testnet here!)

There were many questions that came up about the testnet app, account creation, tokens, tokenswap, new features, etc. So we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions to share the answers with you in this post!

Frequently Asked questions about the testnet

1) How can I download the testnet for iOS? I don’t see it in my TestFlight

To get the latest version of APPICS 1.21.3 (206) on your iOS device, please use the following link: or directly click on “Update” in your testflight app.

2) Do I have to create a new account when joining the testnet?

In order to get on the current test-net you need…

Dear APPICS Community,

As promised, our new iOS app is now ready for community onboarding! Read this update to find out how to participate in the iOS testnet, what to test and how to report bugs.

Development Update

This week your development team has accomplished some great milestones. We finalized the deployment of our smart contracts and production environment for the main-net.

That means next week the final stage of backend development will begin, which we call the “polishing phase”. During that last stage, the final features on our go-live roadmap like “notifications” and others will be added, tested and the reported bugs will be…

Dear APPICS Community,

we hope that you enjoyed testing the tokenswap. We are happy about the successful tokenswap testing thus far and have taken your feedback into account. As promised, over the next weeks we will give you a status update of the development progress.

About the snapshot:

The snapshot for the tokenswap was from March 8th 2021, which was one week after our delisting of APX on steem-engine that happened on March 1st 2021. We realized that after the delisting, a few community members still sent transactions that subsequently weren’t reflected in the snapshot. …

Dear APPICS Community,

after months of development we are excited to announce that we have reached the launch sprint, which means that we only have a couple of updates left until the main launch.

The next step is the tokenswap. Since the Android app progress is slightly behind the iOS app, we made the decision to build a web version of the tokenswap, so that you can already start swapping your tokens, while the apps are being finalized. The option to SWAP YOUR TOKENS INSIDE THE APP still remains, but this way we can already get started and use the time efficiently.


We are excited to have our APPICS Token APX now listed on, one of the top 25 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by market cap.

You can now trade APX with Bitcoin on ProBit:

In this article you will learn how to deposit Bitcoin on ProBit, buy APX with bitcoin, and also the other way around: how to send your APX to ProBit and exchange them for Bitcoin there.

Buying APX with Bitcoin on ProBit

How to deposit Bitcoin on ProBit

To trade APX tokens on ProBit, you need to deposit some Bitcoin first. Sign up for a free account at and login.

Step 1: Go to “Wallet” and click in the dropdown menu on “Deposit”.
Step 2: Bitcoin…

Dear Community!

Our APPICS ecosystem is growing and evolving — and today we can share with you that we will be adding one more utility to our APX token with an NFT Marketplace which will be integrated into the APPICS App.

We have also updated our website to include more information about NFTs, our new blockchain, and functionality of the APX token.

NFT Marketplace

By integrating NFTs in the APPICS App, we aim to create the first hybrid Social Media NFT platform!

What are NFTs ?

An NFT (Non-fungible token) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought…

In the past few months, we have been working hard to migrate APPICS to its new home on the TELOS blockchain. TELOS is using the EOS blockchain technology, enabling some of the fastest transactions in the entire blockchain market with just 0.5 seconds transaction speed (10x faster than Binance Smart Chain and 30x faster than Ethereum).

This allows us to create a frictionless user experience of web 2.0 social media and combine it with the power of web 3.0 blockchain technology, giving the APPICS community the best of both worlds.

Our new Telos-based APX token has been live for a…

In our last post, we introduced the new EOS-TELOS bridge which allows EOS-based APX token holders to swap their tokens to the new telos-based protocol seamlessly and without any fees.

Now we would like to share some detailed Step-by-step instructions that show how you can swap your EOS-based APX to Telos-based APX with the mobile app “Wombat” in English & Spanish:

Dear APPICS Community,

The test phase for our APPICS app has been completed and now we are moving towards the main launch.
We have seen many global friendships and connections being built through APPICS, inspiring posts being shared and charity projects being supported.

Now it is time to level-up the user experience, with free account creation and a more seamless registration process that allows anyone to join APPICS and participate effortlessly. Our team has been working towards this goal relentlessly and this next step is essential for the launch of the mainnet.

Since we currently have two blockchains (EOS and…

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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media APP that lets users monetize the time and creativity they spend on social media.

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